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Made here in Reno, NV, this is the first year Hardway snowboards will be making snowboards available to the public, A landmark in our progress but we are only just scratching the surface of what the future has in store. We’ve been hush-hush on our story so far, so here’s the low down:

The manifestation of this company began on curiosity. Originally, curiosity just of how snowboards are made, the process. Over time evolving into the curiosity of how snowboards can be changed, evolved, made more ergonomic.

 And so, six years ago, action was taken on these curiosities and the process of putting the pieces together began. Like any business, there must be purpose. A reason why what we are doing with these products are different than it’s been done in the past and for the better. We’re not reinventing the wheel; we’re just making the wheel a touch wider. Each Hardway snowboard is about 5-10mm wider in waist width than its competitors across alike board genres. This helps stability, balance, chatter reduction, carving efficiency and countless other benefits.

 Outside of our technical differences, we are all still just a group of humans dedicated to the love and evolution of the snowboard community. We’ve put years of work into making great products as well as making this community a better place, and we’re only just getting started. We hope you enjoy this company as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together.


Email: Hardwayinfocontact@gmail.com
Phone:  775-560-0654

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