Team Hardway

TJ Fiorelli of Hardway Snowboards

TJ Fiorelli

Age: 25
The ring leader of this circus - a.k.a. the CEO of Hardway Snowboards.

IG: @tommy.slides

Miles Odrizola of Hardway Snowboards

Miles Odriozola

Age: legal
Preferred spliff ratio - 60:40

IG: @fuckyeahmiles
Josh Hill of Hardway Snowboards

Josh Hill

Age: 24
Backcountry student of the game/craft beer enthusiast.
Noah Hoffman of Hardway Snowboards

Noah Hoffman

Age: 23
Currently chasing his dreams of dropping out of college to become a snow bum who lives in his van.

IG: @noahoffman11
Bert Morcate of Hardway Snowboards

Bert Morcate

Age: unknown
When life gives you lemons, just say fuck the lemons and bail.

IG : @robertmorcate

Garret Frandsen of Hardway Snowboards

Garret Frandsen

Age: 14
When not snowboarding, you can find him eating sushi out of dumpsters.

IG: @sushi_dumpsta

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Zack Greenberg of Hardway Snowboards

Zack Greenberg

Age: 26
Greeny shreds his pants off everyday just in time to have his seamstress sew him a new pair. This guy drops in every morning switch, blindfolded, eating a bowl of cereal. With a fork.

IG: @jibhalpert